What We count We Celebrate! What we Celebrate we get more of!

In the middle of winter on the tail end of a Pandemic, I wouldn't have imagined I would find myself in an African hut Church with friends sharing my testimony and Reading from the Song of Soloman. "He brought me to the Banqueting house, and his banner over me was Love," he said. I won't forget their faces, the little ones peering in from the lattice at our well-opening ceremony in Awehil or the singing prisons of South Sudan. Testimonies were shared and the Gospel was preached at prisons in Juba. Singing we encountered everywhere including an Orphanage in Juba and Area 2 at Missions of Hope School in Nairobi Kenya where I met two little boys who became dear to my heart.
I wouldn't have imagined three years previously after a failed marriage, Divorce-care, Job-loss, a car wreck, and years of counseling that God would want to use someone like me. But he did. And during those years he led me to a biblical counselor who pointed me to God's word and said "This is the Lamp to your feet and the Light to your Path." Psalm 119:105. Immersing myself in his word has made all the difference. He led me out of isolation into the community. Out of human labels into his label as a Son, Child of God, and Chosen. After sharing my testimony one of the South Sudanese Pastors said, "Good Job Matt, They need to know Americans go through trials and are not perfect as well."
I am so THANKFUL for the opportunity God gave me through Blackhawk, the team I got to go with, and the Commission we seek to fulfill through Jesus in making disciples of all Nations. God also used Pastor Kevins Preeching to point me to the commission Jesus gave us.

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