Kenya / South Sudan Mission Trip - January 2022

Jan 20 2022 - Jan 31 2022
Join Pastor Rivers as we head to Kenya and South Sudan this January!

In South Sudan we will be celebrating the installation of a new well and participating in various outreach opportunities. In Kenya we will be visiting the Area2 School and community that Blackhawk has invested in over the past 5 years. There will be opportunity for team members who sponsor children there to personally meet with the children they support and continue building relationship.

No particular skills or experience is required for this trip other than belief and a willingness to serve. God does not always call the equipped, but He always equips the called according to His purpose.

Participants will need to have a current passport that expires no less than 6 months after the trip (due to the backlog in obtaining a passport, we suggest that you do not sign up until you have an up-to-date passport).
  • The yellow fever vaccination is required by the government for this trip. This needs to be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the departure date.
  • Please also note that a covid vaccination is strongly recommended, and could possibly be required by the time we travel, depending on the countries we are flying through and to, the organizations we are working with, etc. If you have concerns about this, please reach out for further information and clarification.
  • Please check with your primary care doctor to determine what other vaccines he or she recommends for you.

*The dates of this trip may change slightly depending on flight availability & cost.*

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Due 1/1/2022


$250.00 Application Deposit Due 11/10/2021
$1,250.00 Airline Tickets Deposit Due 11/30/2021
$3,000.00 100% of Trip Funds Due 12/31/2021



  1. Submit passport that expires no less than 6 months following the trip.
  2. Submit to a background check.
  3. Obtain a yellow fever vaccination; check with your doctor for additional vaccinations that he or she recommends for you.


  1. Participants must be 18 years old or older (minors may be approved on a case by case basis if they are accompanied by parent / legal guardian)
  2. There may be COVID related restrictions we will need to follow.


  1. Pray if God is leading you to join this mission.
  2. Complete online application.
  3. Commit to attend pre-trip team meetings and fundraising events.


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