Returning to minister with International Project in NYC July 16-23, 2023

My first trips to NYC were with my church youth group during Easter Break Junior & Senior years of high school. We visited the United Nations, saw sights on Manhattan, shared devotionals and bonding time. These trips awakened me to missions opportunities, and for the first time I encountered international people who did not share the same perspective of the USA, or our western version of Christianity. I was challenged to understand a different world view of what it meant to be a Christian and how to live out my faith and share it with others. Since then, God has allowed me to encounter many people of different Christian and non-Christian faiths and engage in respectful, from the heart meaningful dialogue.

Blackhawk Ministries short term opportunity with International Project June 2021 in NYC (Queens burrow) allowed me the privilege to work along side Gary Rowland, and learn to share Christ with people from various backgrounds and cultures. It is with renewed energy and prayer that I anticipate this new opportunity to participate in similar ministry. I encourage you to join me in praying for the needs of foreigners living in NYC who need to hear the Gospel, and in praying some will respond positively to and display life changing impact in their lives.

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