Final Reflections of our week of ministry in NYC

Since our return to Fort Wayne 6-26-2021 we have continued to develop our boldness sharing the Gospel with family members, friends, and a group of 6 shared the Gospel on the streets of Fort Wayne in a manner similar to how we were taught in NYC. Several of us will be participating in Blackhawk Ministries' new outreach to foreigners in our local community, The Samaritans Next Door.

I felt drawn to an opportunity for ministry in NYC, rather than my usual trips as a tourist or for business purposes, and that desire was fulfilled beyond measure. The opportunity to learn from, and minister alongside, Gary & Kelly Rowland and the International Project team met and exceeded expectations for my first short term missions trip since college. Thank you for your prayers and support of this trip. I welcome the opportunity to share more with you in person. Hallelujah! We serve a blessed Savior!!

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