Meeting the other Seed Week participants & learning new evangelism tools

Our morning training sessions with International Project's leaders and summer interns took place at a local church with about 40 adults from various churches meeting in the sanctuary and about 20 teenagers meeting in the basement. Other churches from Indiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey...participated in Seeds Week to learn how to share our faith with people we would meet in the near by neighborhoods.

In the afternoon our Fort Wayne team of 12 went to a Queens neighborhood where we dispersed in 2s (6 groups) to canvas the area. Almost immediately one of our groups reported that a man had received Christ as his Savior! For the week our combined sharing resulted in praying with 200+people asking God to bless them and meet their needs, 100+ people asked us to share the Gospel with them, and 9 individuals asked Christ to enter their hearts as Lord and Savior!

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