Melinda Connelly
In 2014, my family and I had a chance to visit the Miller's in Poland. They had only been there 6 months and were just getting their feet wet. We were able to get a first-hand look at the difficulties and adversities this family was undertaking jumping and submerging themselves completely into a different culture. We marveled at their tenacity and perseverance in an environment where everything is new and difficult. Their children, Myah, Vivi, Tanash and Roman have been particularly resilient learning a new language, school, making new friends and adapting to a world completely different than what they'd know. I'm excited that I will have the opportunity to return to Poland. I consider it a privilege and a blessing to have the Miller's as friends and I can't wait to spend time with their sweet girls!

Jamie Duncan
I've always wanted to go on a missions trip and was never particular about where I'd go if asked. Over the years, there have been many barriers to me going; diabetes, being a new mom, being a mom of three, and having a husband that worked long hours -MANY reasons why I couldn't go! When Janice approached me in January about going to Poland to serve the Miller family I was an immediate YES!! To travel to the Millers, to work with their young children, and get to serve God is an amazing opportunity I cannot wait to undertake! Thank you for your support and prayers!

Janice Maurizi
As a child, Blackhawk was the place where I was introduced to missions and was given the opportunity to grow in my understanding and love for engaging the world in the name of Jesus. It seems only right to be back here once again stepping out to serve with a missions team from Blackhawk. After having led several Blackhawk Missions teams and having served on the mission field myself in India for 3 years, I have been waiting to see how the Lord would continue to use me in a missions capacity. I am thrilled that not only am I getting to step back into the missions world, but I am getting to do it by serving my friends, the Millers. We will be taking a short-term trip in September to host a week of family activities and an english arts camp for the Millers five children. What drew me to this trip was the opportunity to support what the Millers are doing in Poland by meeting a specific need of their family. The team and I are expectant of all God will do during out time with the Millers!

Sunshine Moss
In the Summer of 2017, I served on a team that went to Banská Bystrica, Slovakia to serve with Josiah Venture at a Fusion Camp that offered sports, music, and English. I taught an English workshop, built relationships with local Slovak teens, and shared Jesus with these teens. I fell in love with these people and with missions. In the Summer of 2018, I was a co-leader for a team that went back to Banská Bystrica, Slovakia to serve at a Fusion Camp. Again, I taught an English workshop, built relationships, and shared Jesus. These experiences were amazing, the Lord used me for His glory and He taught me so many things about His goodness, faithfulness, and unending love.
After serving the past two years on short-term teams and taking steps toward a future calling the Lord has for me, I thought I would be in the United States in the year of 2019. My plans are different than the Lord’s plan and praise Him for that! This September, I will join other individuals to serve on a team that will be traveling to Poland. On this trip, the team will be serving the Miller Family, who are currently serving in Poland with Josiah Venture. This trip will be an English Language Arts Camp for the Miller Children. The Lord put a heaviness on my heart for this trip and a desire to serve Him in this way. This trip is an opportunity to use the gifts the Lord has given me for His glory and to serve and love on the Miller Family. I am excited to see what the Lord does in the lives of all involved in this trip and how He will glorify Himself through it. Already, I can see His mighty hand in this trip. God placed a calling in my selfish seventeen-year-old heart. Today, I am humbled and thankful that He would transform my heart and allow me to serve Him through this calling.

Cara Smith
My husband is Bruce and we have four children: Micaiah, Eli, Isaac, and Jaalah. We attended Blackhawk for many years and currently fellowship with the church at Headwaters. In my teen years God gave me a heart for missions and my favorite memories were taking our youth summer mission trips to Ecuador and the migrant camps of the Carolinas. Then God led me to a medical mission as a young nurse to the Dominican Republic. My heart continued to be drawn. As a mother and homeschooler of four, ministry had to be closer to home, so for the last 9 years we have served food and spent time doing life with our brothers at the Rescue Mission. Now our children are 12-16 and I’m able to take the opportunity to serve (my own brother!!) Korban and Tanya and the kids. What a joy to use the experience and gifting God’s given me in teaching all these years to come alongside them in this way. Having our son Isaac on the trip will be an additional blessing.

Issac Smith
I am 13 and nephew to Korban and Tanya and cousin to their Kids. My mom Cara will also be on the trip. I was asked to tutor Roman (6) so that there would be “boy fun” involved with my tutoring. I love basketball and reading, am a good student and self driven as a homeschooler. Roman and I have hung out together a lot this summer during their home assignment. Having been in Poland with my family once before, I will enjoy returning and have a familiarity going back. After putting my faith in Christ as a 5 year old, I am trusting Lord will use this experience to grow me in faith and character.

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